Why Me?

Thank you for your time reading this, if you have got this far, you better contact me, you're looking for a reason.

So I learnt from a young age that I have a gift, a gift that I can get myself out of sticky situations by cracking a joke or making someone else smile.

In school as much as I got picked on, I always left the bullies laughing, its how I handled situations, it became very natural. From being homeless to having near-death experiences I found laughter cures all.

It's not just me that has found this; it's has been proven medically, that happy people even to live longer.

It's not about positive thinking, and you can't trick yourself to be happy, it is about understanding your emotions and being able to access your peak state.

So where has this got me?

*On Europe's most renowned stages, performing in front of celebrities, touring across Europe and breaking world records.

 I'm proud of what I've achieved without a degree or any form of education because it's the stuff that you deliver above and beyond expectations, that's where you find success other others, let's discover yours.

*Bragging alert

Life isn't about what you have done or what you can do, but what you do every day. That's who you become, for me, it's making a difference in the world, I've hit those rock bottoms, I've experienced those dark places, and I've lived it, I've been there and learnt from them.

Life is what you make it, and for me, it's about having fun, why do we put ourselves through so much pain, so much stress, so much anger?

No new job, new relationship, new house, a new car will give you fulfilment. It's all about you and your perspective.

I'm sharing everything I know, living my life by my own beliefs, sharing my mindset, sharing what gets me out of bed at 5 am for my morning run, oh and without an alarm clock, because I'm ready, every single day.

Crawling out of bed in the morning, desperately in search of coffee is a lot different than springing up to seize the day, and there is a reason why that struggle of yours is so great!

I want the world to experience the fulfilment I have every day regardless of time, money or what you got or haven't.

Whenever you are, whatever you do, let's talk, it will change your life, I guarantee you will Love what I do.