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Avoid These Mistakes When Booking A Speaker

Advice for Speaker bookers and event planners 

When Booking a motivational speaker, you can be left baffled and confused when booking a speaker, the biggest problem with most speakers is that they tend to rely on their material.

What I mean by this, is they don't adapt to the situation, some doing the same speech that they have done for the last decade.

How many times have you seen a speaker die on stage? Leaving a lasting impression on your event, book someone that guarantees results.

Look for a speaker that offers value, a speaker that is dynamic and has a massive impact, a speaker that will leave your audience feeling energised.

Imagine getting this sort of feedback from your event:

Pete Reeve

Jon is inspiring and would add massive value to any size or type of business. Really enjoyed myself and would strongly recommend to all. Pete Reeve

Ollie Matthews

Jon raised the energy of the room to such a level that the inspiration was infectious WITHOUT being overpowering to an introvert like myself. Great work Jon. Now ready to get to the next level.

Flavia Powell

Wow!! Yet another incredible morning at Jon's event. 😀 The energy in the room was extraordinary. Even the people who came in on low energy, left BUZZING! Truly inspiring and empowering. The exercises we did will help me in my daily life, with my clients, children, friends, business and everything else I can possibly think of. 😀 Can't wait for the next event. More People need this in their life. Massive Thank you. 😀

Jenny May

Great Energiser, Fab Info, Amazing People, Jon is a great catalyst for change. Inspirational, I WANT TO DO IT EVERY DAY! Jen X

Serena Scoroggins

Jon’s delivery was excellent and he was so easy to listen to. Jon has great energy which he brought to the event. Brough some invaluable insights which can be applied by anyone. Glad I came! :) Thanks Jon

I could list 1,000s of reviews like this, I would love to be your chosen keynote speaker, creating a lasting impact on your audience.