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Something incredible happened last Wednesday!!!

First picture was me back in 2009, 30 kids.

The second picture was me presenting in 2016, in front of 10,000 kids.

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The third picture is me, this year supporting the UK’s mobile DJs to change the industry.

Last year I stopped my parties from 12 years full time and focused on my speaking and coaching. As of Wednesday last week, I’m back partying and something amazing happened!!!

Announcing that I’m back at it again and put together a marketing campaign that got me 12 bookings in under 24hrs*. 🤯

When I first started in 2006 printing flyers was enough, however in the last 10 years the marketing industry has changed dramatically.

So this is what I propose to you and your business.

Would you like a marketing and business blueprint that's tried and tested, 100% guaranteed?

If your a sole traders or agents, Facepainter or clown, it works.

It covers everything from automating and streamline the back end of the business, raising your fees and building raving customers. I will show you what my clients say in the comments.

I will teach you first hand, how to become stronger at marketing and selling without being pushy or too “Salesy.”

You could be the best entertainer in the universe but if your not marketing or selling yourself then it’s a waste of your talent.

Why am I doing this?
I’ve supported the mobile DJ industry in the Uk for many years, providing training and resources that are tried and tested.

By improving our industry, for me will not just impact the end users, the clients, but changing the lives and business of other incredible entertainers, that’s my mission.

If you are interested, put a yes in the comments and I will send you something cool in your inbox over this week. 🔥

*when I mentioned parties booked, I’m referring to deposits paid, this does not including pending bookings.

Let’s raise the standards. 💯

  • Jon Holder Aka Ziggy Zoo


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