Some people just don't know when to stop, they strive so much that they end of achieving very little accept wasting time. It's all very good but what does it matter anyway if your not truly free? 

My time is mine and so is yoyes, but why do give it away without considering the effect it has. Where could you be if you wasn't at work? Or chasing money and paying bills. 

The biggest difference is what we do with our time, we could blame others or our situation but that gets us no where, it just reinforces why we are not taking action.

You will never have enough time in life, so only focus on the stuff that makes a difference. 

Once we get more freedom our minds and our possibilities open up, how can you find your passion if you are not experimenting?  

We have to go back to go forward sometimes, we get caught up with all these shiny objects when what actually matters is what's inside, our true gift. It can never be bought and that's what makes us special to the  world, that's what makes us irreplaceable.

Freedom dosn't have to be travelling, it dosn't have to be quitting, simple things by getting rid of the stuff that we really don't need.

The fancy expensive cars, the big house, the Sky TV the gym membership we don't use, downsizing and life editing can suddenly open doors, open your mind to new possibilities, nothing truly matters in life except how we spend our time, it's our only commodity.  

Get rid of the things you don't need to make space for the Things we want.  Set yourself free.