Making a living on Kindness Alone.

What pays the bills? Is it money or is it a transaction of kindness? 

  Bare with me here! I know what your thinking, the gas company are not going to accept a hug as a a form of payment! 


I'm currently watching The Kindness Diaries on Netflix, it's making me think how much my career has taken me just from the kindness of strangers, but what is a stranger? Most of the friends you have today started as strangers, so not only you gain kindness but new friendship, its a win-win!

The kindness diary is really is worth a watch, he does prove a point that kindness is so important in our lives and without it the world wouldn't be the same.

Its easy to do something kind for family or a loved one, because actually we do get that back in some form or another, but it's the kindness to strangers that is an incredible thing to do, it sits in the same category as unconditional love.

What goes around comes around!

Kindness has more impact than money. 

Random acts of kindness that you can do:

  1.  Pay it forward - some coffee shops offer this, buying a stranger a coffee, a stranger that can't even say thank you because you would of already left the shop.  
  2. Buy from a small business - we are all guilty of buying from the giant of Amazon, buying from a small business supports someones dream as well as their family!
  3.   Talk to someone - If you ever need to get a different perspective, find someone that can inspire you, go to a care home, speak to a the homeless man or find someone looking for a friend. 
  4. Volunteer -  My personal favourite, as a beaver leader, putting back into the community gives you a massive sense of contribution, not only that but inspiring the next generation. 
  5. Inspire - Easiest way to share kindness to a thousand people is to be kind to just 1 person, they will pass your kindness on and on and on.

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.