Embrase the failure.

the thing that we are most scared of it the biggest factor of our success, Failure, you don't have a great idea or company these things take time, but during that time you need push on relentless.

We all want to be at the top because it looks easy, well success and failure are felt with in the same way. If you can't handle failure then you are not ready for success!

It's not about getting it perfect first time, its about doing it first then perfecting it. 

Perfection is something that comes over time, you can only perfect if your actually living it and doing time.

we focus so much on not failing usually we do anyway. What if your focus was on not nailing first tim and failing it anyway. That's how twitter was created and snap chat too! Both these apps came from a previous app that failed!

So try then fail accept and move on! 

Hitting that wall #bigskatedown

Hitting that wall #bigskatedown