I had an amazing coaching session with Jon, he has this continual positive focus that just keeps driving me forwards. I came away with a renewed sense of energy releasing me from my old fears, discovering the importance of love and balance in my life with a new direction in which to follow. I’m finally discovering what I want to do in life and loving this journey!  Sarah Walker

"Jon is 100% present, 100% energised, 100% positive, 100% dedicated to your evolution.  He comes up with wild goals, stays in touch regularly and holds you to account, helping you deal with obstacles as they arise.  He is an exceptional coach and a great person to have on your side".  Jen.X

I just wanted to say how different things have been for me since I saw you!

I honestly didn't expect it. So many things that would of would me up, or upset me and they just haven't! Everything just makes sense, my brain feels so calm and clean, I catch myself smiling a lot for no reason. I feel like a big weight has been lifted. I thought I'd have slipped back to old habits by now, but I think it just all makes so much sense that I won't. I've been walking, cooking, gardening and all sorts! I've made a little mental list of stuff I want to learn too, well, when I get round to it, but No rush hey! No pressure on myself, it'll pan out ok on its own, see how awesome I'm thinking?! and it's not forced, I'm not having to tell myself these things, it's just how I feel. Thank you so, so much Jon. Charlotte

What Sort of Coaching are you after?

A Mentor or Coach is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you to create success and happiness from within.

Peak Performance Coaching

Regardless of what we will be working on, whether it's business, life or peak performance, it all comes together as one. Life can be testing at times, and I’m here to put a stop to that. Let's turn those problems into challenges, who doesn’t love a challenge?


Business Coaching.

Growing a business can be intimidating, especially with how quickly times are changing. If your business is not growing and evolving, then I’m afraid it's dying. I've helped so many business owners that are on the brink of losing their company because they didn’t continue to grow their business.

life coach paddle board.jpg

Life Coaching.

As you can see, I’m not just a life coach or a business coach because it's all relevant and it doesn’t need to be a juggling act. I have shaped my career around my commitments with my family, sometimes these options are not available, but I took what I was good at and passionate about and modelled my life around it. I can get you the results you are after.


Peak Performance Coaching.

Peak performance focuses on your mindset and uses it to achieve your goals. I’m a world record breaker. I know what it takes, if you undertake a physical challenge, being fit is only 10% of the work, the rest is about your mindset. Your body has more energy than what your mind tells you. Have you ever wondered how athletes could run up mountains or small businesses become massive powerhouses overnight, peak performance makes this happen.

"When I first met Jon, he terrified me."

He is the most lovely person you could wish to cross paths with so I didn't understand why.

The more I watched and the more I listened I realised that it was because he could see in me what I've spent years hiding.

And that's all I have been doing all these years, learning to perfect hiding my anxiety. The world we live in is very good at highlighting problems and instant fixes (that are neither instant nor fixes), in fact, the world tricks us into a lot of behaviour/habits that are so bad for us, and Jon made me see that despite thinking I had things under control, I was completely suckered into it.

I started my journey with Jon by attending one of his events in January.

I learnt so much about changing habits, my comfort zone and how I am the one stopping me from moving forward.

It was enough for me to make some changes that I can already see great benefits from.

I returned to see Jon one to one in February. Knowing I was going to sit and talk about the real secrets of my anxiety was really unnerving but Jon is just so lovely and easy with his techniques that before you know it you are talking about things freely.

This is where Jon's magic really comes into its own, your not there to pick apart or analyse things in too much depth, he doesn't need to, he already knows the direction you need to take and how to give you the skills and control to get there.

Since seeing Jon I have had a natural comfort with myself, which in turn gives me the power to be calm and focused and essentially take control.

Jon has the ability to give you the power to get your life back, and with what seems very little effort.

He is a magical person to meet and an amazing inspiration.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jon to anyone that wants to move forward with their life whatever their situation.

He is always ready to support me if I need a little nudge and that attention to his clients is what makes his magic truly special.


I do what I do because I get the results. 

Every new client I work with receives a complimentary coaching session.

I know you are reading this and feeling sceptical, but I’m a man of my word, and I’m yet to find someone that I can’t help in some way. Life or business, it doesn’t matter, what does matter is you and how it is affecting you, ask your self the following question:

 Are You Happy?

Happiness is a billion pound industry, and big organisations are always trying to sell you something that promises to make you happy. The answer is within YOU.

I will help you find the right questions to ask to get those answers. The results all depend on how we feel, and your answer will be different when you feel stressed too when you're relaxed if you're having fun.

Take advantage of the free coaching session. I’m here to serve you, and we can close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Call me or message me now.