Marketing and selling strategies for 2019

The Kids Business Blueprint - The step by step guide to selling and marketing in the modern world.

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Since 2006, when I first started, the kid's entertainment industry has changed dramatically. If your feeling like your being left behind and looking for a fast track strategy for your business, then blueprint is perfect for you.

What is the kids business blueprint?

This program was created after myself looking through hundreds of entertainers websites, I can see that these entertainers are not converting their visitors into raving fans.

This is what I want to do for you, security and abundance in your business, its the difference from being great to outstanding.

Your business might be great already, however with the world moving as fast as it is, it's worth staying ahead of your game.

What do you get?

An Easy to follow videos series that will walk you step by step through the following.

Step 1. Stand out on Google

Step 2. Making sure your website ranks

Step 3. Making your website convert enquires into leads

Step 5. Social media content and lead generating

Step 6. Messager bots and programming

Step 7. Booking systems and taking payments

Step 8. Taking bookings on the phone, what to say

Step 9. Pricing and fees, how to charge your worth

Step 10. Retaining and engaging your audience

Step 11. Audience growth tools and strategies

PLUS: a copy of my sales copy, tips and tricks that keep my business growing CONSISTENTLY.

PLUS, PLUS a personal website and social media audit video.

NO RESULTS NO FEE - If you complete this program and don't have an increase in sales or bookings within three weeks. Full money back guaranteed

Early bird offer of £99 if you book this week, after, the Blueprint will be the full fee of £199.

Program Starts Monday 3rd JUNE, however can be completed in your own time at anytime!

The 2019 Kids Business Blueprint
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