Shed to Success.

Jon found himself homeless at 17 at this point he was living a shed. A pretty low point by anyone's standard. However, from this low, grew many ideas which created multiple businesses and ultimately success.  Jon has since gone on to break world records and has many strings to his bow; being an adventurist, scout leader and top motivational and mindset speaker to name but a few.



The world is your

 stage, be an artist.

Jon Holder

From the man himself.

"I've been a scout leader for many years, teaching kids life skills, giving them confidence, an abundance of courage and allowing them to push their creative edge. By giving these children the tools to become great leaders, I'm giving them to opportunity to change the world. I think many find my outlook refreshing - I stand on a level with them and help them see what they can achieve. I've even helped other scout leaders to see another way to engage and bring the best out of the children they work with.

From this experience I forged myself a path in the corporate world. I do what I love and i have managed to create a living at the same time. If you are passionate about what you do it will drive you to new heights, you attract more possibilities and opportunities, I'm so grateful to be where I am.

 I'm not saying I know it all because I don't, but I do know what changes lives and what makes happiness sustainable.

Jon Holder, scout leader

The real way to gain happiness, is to give to others.

Baden Powell