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Skateboarding the Impossible

Skateboarding is not just for kids, well, big kids can do it too!

Some say mad, well, when I say some I mean most, but I do love pushing limits, for me, it wasn't about the glory it was about the journey, you can't merely be a motivational speaker without pushing boundaries. 2017 I decided to skateboard the length of the country for charity, yes it was mad, but my god awesome!

I could spend all night and day, writing about this incredible experience, but this article says it all...

UPDATED Press Release by Lauren Willimott from Reepham Community News
Norfolk cub leader set for Guinness World Record victory after skateboarding the length of the

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.

One morning at the start of the year, Reepham Cub leader Jon Holder woke up and decided that he
would try to travel the length of the country, he would try to do it by skateboard, and he would try
to do it in just 16 days. All with the aim of setting a brand new Guinness World Record. Quite an


The Best View

comes from the hardest climb.

On the 1 st October 2017, Jon started his skateboarding adventure, #TheBigSkateDown, from John
O’Groats to Land’s End. Known as The End to Ender it’s the journey across Britain from north to
south, or vice-versa, and has been travelled by all sorts of eccentric transport over the years – a
penny-farthing, a motorised bath-tub and scores of old bikes. The route has been completed on a
skateboard before, and the current Guinness World Record for it stands at 21 days.
“It was something I’d wanted to do for a long time” said Jon, “But I wanted to challenge myself
in the process. I used to skateboard when I was younger, but honestly hadn’t been on one in years,
so when I saw that there was a World Record already standing for doing it on a skateboard my mind

I thought I’d give it a go and try to smash it!”

A journey like this can’t be undertaken without rigorous planning and organisation, but even the
best laid plans can go awry.
“Once I started training things began to go wrong, culminating in my support driver dropping out at
the last minute and my original attempt in August had to be cancelled.” said Jon.
With disappointment high, Jon set about trying to rescue his attempt and a chance phone call ended
up being his silver lining. John McKean, the manager at Whitwell Hall Country Centre, agreed to be his
support and what started as a passing acquaintance became an enduring friendship.
“I was ultimately responsible for keeping him safe,” said John, “I drove behind Jon the whole way,
making sure passing vehicles knew he was there. There were some scary moments along the way,
but it was an experience I wouldn’t have missed.
“We kicked off in the Scottish Highlands, the pace of travelling by skateboard meant I got to see
everything and we had some of our best times here, but there were some real low moments too.”
Jon said.

skateboarding fort william, Scotland, Jon Holder

Life is Nothing

Without adventure.


“We hadn’t comprehended the level of tiredness we would encounter, plus certain
unforeseen circumstances. We had two punctures, a smoke-filled van and a hurricane to contend
with!” commented John.
But, as is often the case, it was people and their generous spirits that pulled them through
“People were cheering us and even throwing donations through the van window. One lady even
offered us a night’s stay in her B&B” said Jon “Also, the support back home was incredible,

I had been posting videos on my Facebook page for people to follow and hearing that my cub pack were
watching and cheering me on meant the world!”
There is no official route to follow for the End to Ender, but the pair had originally planned a route
which totalled around 870 miles, how ever with last minute changes they clocked up over 1000 Miles.

Jon Holder, vw t5, skatebaording, lands end to john o groats

Seek Adventure

That Opens Your Mind.

They travelled at an average of 8mph, with a top speed of 34mph and covered around 65
Miles per day. Jon got through three pairs of trainers, 32 bearings but only one skateboard!
“We’ll get official confirmation from Guinness about the World Record around Christmas time. We
have sent them witness signatures from people we met on the trip, time-stamped photos and
hopefully, Jon’s videos will count too. The official time we did it in was 15 days, 20 hours and 59
minutes – that has got to be worth the official certificate!” laughed John.
#TheBigSkateDown was also a vehicle to raise money for two charities, Sue Lambert Trust, a Norfolk
based charity and SNAP, an Essex charity supporting children with additional needs and disabilities.
“I’m originally from Essex, but have lived in Norfolk for the past year, so I wanted to help charities
from both areas.” said Jon.

Jon is determined to help send children the message that they can do anything they set their mind to.

“I am dyslexic, I’m not fit and I’m certainly not the best skateboarder in the world. So, if I can achieve
this I want young people to see that anything is possible.”